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Highway 89, north of Prescott, Arizona, USA • 220719-082343_James Staddon_9641Highway 89, north of Prescott, Arizona, USA • 220719-082102_James Staddon_9534Diamond Falls (on Red Creek), Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia, USA • 220627-111705_James Staddon_5187Curtain Falls (on Red Creek Trail), Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia, USA • 220627-105038_James Staddon_5170County Rd. 57 near Soldiers Memorial County Park, near Goodland, Kansas, USA • 210628-085838_James Staddon_9946Arkansas Grand Canyon Scenic Point Overlook, near Jasper, Arkansas, USA • 200807-074052_James Staddon_8953Loveland Pass, Arapaho National Forest, Colorado, USA • 190522-161044_James Staddon_9585Sapphire Point, Arapaho National Forest, Colorado, USA • 190522-072935_James Staddon_9003Sapphire Point Trail, Arapaho National Forest, Colorado, USA • 190522-071815_James Staddon_8984Rampart Range Rd, Pike NF, Colorado, USA • 190518-200202_James Staddon_8818Staddon Family Property, Salem, West Virginia, USA • 180725-075218_James Staddon_928318Ridge above Heart Lake, Castle Crags Wilderness Area, California, USA • 170709-081301_James Staddon_9936Sandy Pines Campus, Big Sandy, Texas, USA • 161124-080632_James Staddon_2022White River West Sno-Park, Mt. Hood Wilderness, Oregon, USA • 160426-194034_James Staddon_7594Cerro Colorado, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico • 160221-093643_James Staddon_5122Lake Dunmore Overlook, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont, USA • 151001-172546_James Staddon_9328Reflections Lake, Palmer, Alaska, USA • 140817-211534_James Staddon_0111Northwoods Conference Center, Watersmeet, Michigan, USA • 121027-203928_James Staddon_2172Northwoods Conference Center, near Watersmeet, Michigan, USA • 110728-211734_James Staddon_0766, , , USA • 060512-160749_James Staddon_5038